I came up with this little piece yesterday. It was written whilst I was listening to ‘Lights Down Low by MAX’, a song I only came across a couple of days ago and instantly fell in love with (the video is below!). I guess this poem is the opposite of the song, but I suppose then it’s like a question-and-answer type thing.

I haven’t come with a title for it yet – it’s ‘Darkened’ for now but I might change my mind – but I really wanted to share it 🙂 (If anyone has a name, feel free to tell me, but I’ll probably have one in a day or two).

If I turn the lights down low,
Will you love me better then?
I’ll be obscured from view…
Not a sore for your eyes.

Some days I envy your words.
They give me the air I breathe.
Other times, they suffocate
And light will swim, before everything turns black.

But then that’s how you like it:
Black. No touch of divinity
Would reach this soiled place.
A place you like to call your darkroom.

Yet, the features won’t come into focus,
Not with the crispness you seek…
My imperfections will grow and change,
Not stuck in that snap of time.

So I’ll let you turn the lights down low,
Because you’re here, now, with me.


Photo Credit: Sarah / CC BY 4.0