Bottled Up

Bottled Up

Keeping it all bottled up,
I guess it can help in the
not so distant future.
But eventually we explode
from pent up emotions.

Sometimes this can hurt
the people we love most.
Even when it’s the last thing
we mean to do.

When I shout and scream
Please – don’t take my harsh words to heart,
Because I’m hurting. And the last thing I want,
is to hurt you.


Photo Credit: Christina VanMeter / CC BY-NC 2.0



A boy did lay upon his bed
He was all wrapped up: warm.
His family know not of his
Unending awful pain.

Now as this pain did grow and fester,
Quiet he did remain.
His friends, they were no better…
Perhaps he exists in vain?


Photo Credit: Greg Khng / CC BY-ND 2.0

‘To Be?’ That is NOT the question…

There is usually a lot of discussion on writers’ forums about the use of the verb ‘To Be’. So often people say, “Don’t use ‘was’.” Why not? Because it’s weak. Well, it’s only a weak verb if used inappropriately. Its function as a verb in the right place is invaluable. The verb ‘to be’ is […]



You’ll never fail to make me smile,
though I doubt you even know
the effect you have on me.

Because there is always someone better,
someone better than me.
I am always second best.

Maybe I should hate you,
but I can’t.
I’m just glad you’re happy.

Maybe there is someone
for everyone,
Maybe you just weren’t for me.

I may have been invisible
to you, because I’m not noticeable.
But there will be a day,

When you notice me
but you will be too late
Because I will be gone.


Photo Credit: René Brumoso / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Talking To Myself

I need this motivation sometimes!

One Word More

I recently came across a quote by the late Terry Pratchett that has really given me perspective for writing:


Although I have always been in the “don’t rewrite anything until you finish!” camp, this really gave me some perspective on why this method is helpful (beyond ‘so you actually get through the whole story’).

I love this idea of telling myself the story.

Lately, I have been motivating myself by trying to get excited about my novel, and not just the overall concept or individual characters, but individual moments. I’m currently writing a scene where Hart tracks down a printer who has been spreading heresy, and before I write and as I write, I try to keep in mind the exciting things about the scene:

A new character, Master Hairan, to meet and discover, who has a past before this moment that effects his decisions and how others react…

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There’s a time when it’s all you can do
to stay awake
because you just have
no energy left.

A time when it’s all
you can do,
to get up in the morning
And start a new day.

A time when even
the kindest words
can’t remove you from
your slump.

There comes a time
when we all feel weak.
It might take some time,
But you will find the strength.
To get up again.


Photo Credit: Chiara Vitellozzi / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Use your senses in your writing

Source: Use your senses in your writing

So Close

High Five

The chance is here
take it while you have it.
Come here.

Hold me close.
That scent,
not easily forgotten
Don’t. Let. Go.

What if,
No? Too late?
Maybe. You tell me.


Photo Credit: byronv2 / CC BY-NC 2.0

How to Find that Elusive Idea


I’m sat at my desk, laptop on, with word open, ready to start writing. And a blank page is staring at me.  Cue Panic. Where do I start?!

I’ve been restlessly waiting for that amazing story idea to just walk into my mind, along with fully formed characters to go with it, like Harry Potter did to J K Rowling on a train many moons ago. But I’ve come to the disappointing conclusion that I just don’t have her imagination. Predictable, I know, but still a gutting realisation. So in order to move my own writing forward, I’ve experimented with how to find my first idea when my muse has disappeared.  (Though I still live in hope that a perfectly formulated idea will form…) But in the meantime, here is the method that I found to work best for me.

  1. Turning Reality into Fiction

Choose something ordinary from today, and…

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We talk about ‘normal’,
But do we really know what normal is?
Our selves are normal to us,
And everyone is different.
So, what does that say?

Some of us spend our days trapped,
Inside the cages of our minds,
Held like a prisoner,
And no one comes to visit –
They don’t know.

People shrink themselves away,
Until they become shells,
Friends, family, don’t think to call,
Shouting, screaming…please, please,
Hear me.

Why can’t anyone see?
What this shrinking cell,
Is doing to me.
Maybe one day,
You will understand.


Photo Credit: Liz Henry / CC BY-ND 2.0